Schedule a no-commitment call with Brannon. First 3 People only every week.

Hey there, Brannon here...


I have treated almost every kind of addiction in every setting. I have also been on the front lines as an expert treating betrayal trauma.  I know how to help couples and families get untangled from the devastating effects of addiction.   I work with couples and individuals:


  • Who feel completely trapped in their addiction

  • Who are stuck in their marriage.  They lack safety and satisfaction.

  • Who are serious in their recovery, but lack the tools and know how to get to real recovery.


The wedge that addiction drives between good people can be completely overwhelming. Addiction can leave you feeling defeated and alone.  Being married to someone with an addiction can leave you feeling defeated and alone. 


I've seen people come from the depths of despair.  You can heal!  Your relationship can heal! It is possible!


I'll walk you through the steps of healing, both for you individually and for your relationship. I have walked thousands of people down the path of recovery and I know what you need to finally feel again! 

"I felt so hurt and hopeless when I found out about my husband's pornography addiction.  I didn't realize that I needed recovery too.  Brannon gave me the guidance that I needed.   I was willing to do the work, but he walked me through step by step.  He was also willing to confront tough issues that other therapists have been unwilling to address.  I'm so grateful that I now have the tools that I need to finally heal.  I've recommended Brannon to so many people.  He has changed my life, and saved my marriage."

- Sara, Utah 

I am offering Exclusive Intensive Coaching to only 3 Couples or Individuals. This is an intense program where I will walk you through every step of the way.  Here's what it entails:


  • Five (5) days a week on demand access.  Video walkie-talkie with me. I will guide you through difficult situations and give you tools in the moment.

  • One (160-minute session weekly. An individual session or couples session.

  • Daily tracking of recovery behavior. I will monitor your recovery inputs and direct you daily on what you need.

  • One (1) 2-3 days retreat event in an intimate beautiful location. You will be joined by other couples/individual for an intensive healing retreat.


Schedule a no-commitment call with Brannon. First 3 People only every week.

Just a short background about what I do...


  • "The Expert" on our podcast "The Betrayed, The Addicted & The Expert" followed by over 45,000++ listeners all over the world!

  • I build betrayal trauma and addiction recovery courses.  I have an online school helping over 800 couples/individuals

  • Powerful public speaker/presenter

  • Guest author for Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune.

  • Helped Hundreds of families heal from addiction and betrayal.

  • Worked with clients throughout the globe. (Zambia, France, Brazil, USA Etc).

  • Developed cutting edge research-based programs for Addiction recovery and betrayal trauma.


"There is no one like Brannon.  When we first met with him I was scared cause I realized I wouldn't be able to manipulate him.  I thought that he would just judge me and tell me I needed to change.  He was direct and he was honest, but he was also very loving, non-judgmental and safe to talk about anything with.  Without him, I don't think that my recovery or my wives would have been possible.  We had been to countless therapists, and none of them worked.  I highly doubted it would work with Brannon but I was wrong.  He is so talented as a therapist and I'm so lucky we found him"

- Adam, Tel-Aviv Israel


"Brannon saved my life.  His work is the only thing that actually helped me overcome my sex addiction.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!"

- Bret, Portland Oregon

"Our relationship was done.  We were both so full of hatred and resentment.  We needed a strong personality to break through our victim-stances and blame.  Brannon was that!  He is bold, he is courageous and he is willing to do whatever it takes to help you heal.  I doubt our family would still be together without him.  We highly recommend him!"

- Geri & Steve, Tampa Florida


“My wife and I found Brannon after searching the internet for something that could help us put the pieces of our lives and our relationship back together following the disclosure of my sexual addiction.  We began meeting weekly with him. Both my wife and I participated together. He gave us great background information on addiction and helped us both develop a strategy we could begin to use to help me work through the difficulties of addiction and to help my wife deal with the fear and uncertainty she was feeling. 


Brannon taught me how to really be honest, and get out of denial.  He supported me in developing a support structure of other people who could help me stay sober.  I also found that after talking things over with him I was much better prepared to have serious, open, and honest conversations with my wife.  I am far from perfect but I have been using skills I’ve learned from Brannon to change the way I communicate and interact with my wife, and our individual and collective happiness has been the result!


I just passed my three-year sobriety mark a few weeks ago.   Brannon has been there to encourage me, teach me, hold me accountable, and congratulate me on my successes along the way.  I had to be willing to do the work and put in the effort to work my recovery plan but Brannon helped get my feet on the path and pointed me in the right direction to a healthy and happy life.”

- Tom, Anaheim California


Not sure if we are the right fit?


Fill out an application and if you are a good fit, I will schedule a free 30 minute call with me.  This is an EXCLUSIVE offering so only the first 3 candidates who are a good fit will have this oppurtunity.  Click the button below to fill-out an application and schedule a call with me.

Take this from me...

You can heal!!!! If you are willing to put in the work, I can guide you to real lifelong change.  Your relationship can be stronger than ever and your life can be more fulfilling than you can even imagine.  I've helped thousands of people come from the depths of despair to find light, to find peace, and to recreate love again.  This can be you!  I would be so grateful to be a part of your healing journey. 


You think you are ready? Then, let's do this! 


Schedule a no-commitment call with Brannon. First 3 People only every week.


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