Let's Talk About Co-dependency

March 5, 2018


In this episode, we talk about a dirty word in recovery community – CO-DEPENDENCY. Co-dependent behavior is a thing for most of the betrayed but at the same time, co-dependency often times manifest in the addict and can be fuel on the fire of addiction.

Here are some of the highlights:


1. Co-dependency is real.


2. As human beings, we are attached to people for good reasons. If your spouse did something that created an emotion inside of you, that’s a good thing. It only means you’re connected to your spouse. If you feel sad, scared or lonely for what your partner has done, it’s normal. But if you’re well-being is dependent upon how your spouse feels, then you’re co-dependent. 

3. Drama is a manifestation of co-dependency. It’s communicating in a co-dependent way. But it is not productive to draw your spouse into the drama. You’ll get nowhere with that. You’ll be in the same fight over and over with no resolution.


4. How do you work on your co-dependency? Know more about it by watching the live podcast.


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About Brannon 

I'm Brannon, and I'm an expert in treating sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and helping spouses heal from betrayal. I have over 10 years of experience helping couples, individuals and families heal from the devastating effects of addiction.

I'm an avid presenter and teacher. I know that recovery for an individual and a relationship is absolutely possible. I have both learned and developed tools that work. My greatest fulfillment in my work is helping couples in the depths of pain and despair, and walking them through the healing process



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The co-clinical director and owner of TheraphyUTAH, Brannon has treated almost every kind of addiction in every setting. Through his years of clinical work, he has received specialized training in addiction recovery and betrayal trauma recovery.  He has a passion for holistic healing and helping the family members heal.  

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