Stop Suffering Through your Marriage

Through years of experience working with couples in the trenches of betrayal, addiction, & infidelity, I've gained the knowledge of what it takes to create strong, healthy, long-lasting relationships.
Each relationship has unique dynamics & different challenges that need to be worked out. And individualized therapy can cost thousands of dollars.
With these courses, I give you in-depth knowledge & practical tools to help you move toward the intimacy & connection you deserve, for the fraction of the cost of therapy.

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"Real, honest and kind. No spouse bashing, no shaming and refreshingly optimistic. I love the attitude of tackling the hard stuff to not only save a marriage but thrive within the relationship." 

— Stephanie

"Some of the best down to earth info I have found to overcome trials and struggles in my marriage. Real, open, honest examples." 

— Angie

"No one ever talks about betrayal trauma like Brannon does. I'm so relieved to listen  and be able to tell myself that everything I was going through was related.  I never knew there was such thing."

— Figen


This course will be beneficial to you if your partner is willing to do the work or not. There are specific skills in both of the courses that help you move forward regardless of them. You can get unstuck even if they want to stay stuck. The activities in the course are designed for individuals but greatly support the relationship.
These courses are offered at a fraction of the cost of therapy. They have specialized knowledge that will make a huge difference in your life. I've made tried to make The Healing Bundle affordable for most. It will save you so much money and heartache in the future. Consider it an investment.  
That's the beauty of the course format. You can go at your own pace. Each section is easily digestible. None of the videos are longer than 25 min. So take it one bite at a time. Watch a section and take some time to apply it before continuing on.  
Absolutely. The skills taught in these courses will help your relationship no matter how it ends up. In fact the course might help you have a much healthier divorce.   
I can guarantee this will work if you are willing to apply the principles and put in the hard work. So follow through and make healing happen!
Yes, but if they won't then you can't force them. It's still awesome to go through this on your own and maybe the skills you learn will help you influence them to do their work too.   

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Enroll in my guided content to help you heal from betrayal and addiction. And most importantly, learn how to move forward and find peace.

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